Flubby Wubby

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Ready to play catch in your living room? The Flubby Wubby is a soft, easy flying disc that's perfect for playing catch with friends and family. It's made of a soft material that's easy to catch and won't hurt your hands, which makes it a great catch disc for all ages. The Flubby Wubby is perfect for the beach, barbecues and any outdoor or indoor celebration!


- SAFETY - The Flubby Wubby is made from soft yet durable polyurethane, so it's easy to catch and won't hurt your hands!
- PLAY ANYWHERE - Because of the Flubby Wubby's soft foam, it can be thrown indoors or outdoors, so you can take the game with you!
- SCRATCH-RESISTANT GRAPHICS - Digitally printed graphics are designed to take some hits and stay vibrant!
- PERFECT GIFT - The Flubby Wubby is great for people of all ages - kids up to adults. Everyone can throw and catch it!
- TRAINING TOOL - A lightweight frame and great glide make the Flubby Wubby a great tool to practice hand-eye coordination or disc golf on a small scale!