Nano Mini Disc Proton

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MVP has answered the fans' requests for an MVP mini, and the Nano is almost here! With a 10.5cm diameter and 32g weight, this is roughly half the size and 1/5th the weight of the Anode putter. MVP's signature GYRO rim remains, with a form factor so close to their full-size golf discs, fans couldn't tell if early Nano photos were a mini or a putter! This Nano is made in MVP's signature candy-translucent Proton plastic. This item includes several premium color choices at no extra cost. Sparkle colors will include varying amounts of metallic flake in the plastic, giving it the classic "sparkle candy" look. UV Blue is a light-reactive color that appears clear (with a slight blue tint) indoors, and darkens to a stronger translucent blue tone in sunlight. Features: