Undertaker Titanium - Paul McBeth 5X Signature Series

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Discraft opens the 2020 season with a new line of signature discs honoring five-time PDGA World Champion Paul McBeth!  Grab one now while you can! The Undertaker is one of the most versatile drivers in Discraft's line. It has great glide, nice grip, and a very predictable smooth finish. This straight flier is a great choice for all skill levels since it will maintain its stability for even the biggest arms. It can also be used for accurate forehand shots and high-flying thumbers. 


Titanium is a marvel of plastic aesthetics, with a blend of opaque pearlescent gloss that is just stunning. Coupled with a remarkably stiff feel in the hand, and a tad more durability than Z plastic, Titanium is a force on the plastic scene!